About Us

About Us

My name is Andrea. My husband Jarrod (often referred to as Shaq) and I live in small mountain town in Idaho where we usually get a lot of snow and a long mud season. We also both work a TON in the summer and rarely get to enjoy the sun and sand. Because of that we always try to take a long trip before winter is in full swing to make up for our lost summer.


Most likely most of the writing will be done by me, and probably most the mishaps you’ll read about will be about me (unfortunately).

Why this Blog

We love to travel. I decided to join him on a trip to Central America after we had  only been dating about 6 weeks. I am sure from the outside it seems foolish, but we both realized quickly if you can travel together as a couple, you will see the best and worst in that person. If your relationship can survive that it can survive anything.

With that in mind, I wanted to start this blog to show world travel isn’t always beautiful people on beautiful beaches. Sometimes it is. Often times it’s traveler’s diarrhea, 12-passenger vans with 16 people in them, hostel rooms with neighbors partying all night, me losing 14 games of cribbage in a row and crying about it. We have so many once-in-lifetime, amazing days, but also hard, real life days. We try to see the humor in all our experiences, and are hoping to share them with you.

We often get asked how we can travel. How do we afford it? How do we get and use miles? Where do we stay? What do eat? How do we do it? I am going to attempt to answer those questions throughout this blog. And just to clarify, this isn’t us bragging, it’s just the honest experience of what works for us in hopes of sharing out little bit of wisdom.

A Warning

Lastly, we want to warn our friends and family (sorry Mom) that some weird things come up on our travels. There will be a lot of bathroom and poop experiences I am certain. We also try to experience the culture as much as we can, which sometimes leads to eating foods you might like to hear about, about taking risks you might not want to hear about, and a million other things, you might not want to hear about.