Koh (W)Rong?

We are taking a little vacation from our travels. We are in Cambodia checking out a couple of their islands. This morning we are at Koh Rong, later today we go to Koh Rong Samleom. The two islands are about 10 miles apart, maybe? I don’t really know, but they are close to each other.

The island we currently are on is the “party” island, although we haven’t seen much partying. That might be because we are pretty mellow this trip, got a bungalow as far away from the bars and hostels are possible, and go to bed at 21:00. It’s like this island is trying to be Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, but totally isn’t hitting the mark. 

Nighttime view from our “treehouse” resort.

We were talking yesterday about whether or not we liked this island and how it compared to others we’ve been on, and I have to say it’s just not quite there. Cambodia is just dirty country. There is litter all over. The island is better than the main land, but it’s not great. Part of the reason it’s cleaner is because they burn all their trash. Everyday we’ve been around burning plastic, so in 7-20 years when I am diagnosed with some weird cancer I think I can bring it back to this week. The other thing that’s bumming me out a little about this island, is the prices. In theory Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand, but here it’s not. It’s the same prices, or even higher, but not nearly as nice at Thailand. 

I am not complaining, just stating this is just wasn’t all I was hoping. With that in mind, we found a nice place to stay that is mostly quiet (minus the screaming monkeys, roosters, and crazy insects), the beach away from town is like talcum power, and the water is nice and warm. And we found some awesome internet to download this blog & watch the Dallas Cowboy’s football (America’s team).  Shaq told me to add that in 😁.  Unfortunately they lost. Maybe it would have been better to not watch this one!

Our bungalow

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