Siem Reak 

So I wrote an update last night about our last couple days and it was SO boring I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. I guess I will try again tonight.

Currently we are in Siem Reap. We took a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap today. It was an 8 hour bus ride, and of course I was in my standard traveling seat: the one as close to the bathroom as possible. The one that doesn’t recline even a little. I seriously don’t know what I have done karmically wrong but anytime I travel for work or don’t have a chance to pick my seat I end up in the worst seat possible. But we made it and even the border crossing was pretty good.

It’s my first time in Cambodia. Jarrod has been here once before but it was years ago. I know people consider Thailand third world, but there is a huge difference between Thailand and Cambodia. Something that stands out to me is is the amount of garbage here. There is just litter everywhere. Even with that, it’s a very beautiful country. Another thing that has me really freaked out is the amount of snake on a stick I have seen for sale. If they are for sale all over the night market you know there are about 455768 times more just slithering around.

Oh, and another thing…Tonight we had a really good dinner of noodles, pork, morning glory, broccoli and .50 beer. And when I went to use the bathroom there was no toilet seat and no door. But you know, when you gotta go, you’ve gotta go…so I was walking in there giving myself a pep-talk, when a waiter told me to just move the unhinged door over the door way while I went…So that was a new experience for me. Also, there was no seat on the toilet. It’s a good thing I work out & can hover squat.

That face sums up how I feel about the bathroom.

In other news, we are both still trying to get over this cold. It’s been both a blessing and curse. Obviously being sick away from home is just the worst. But, our noses are so stuffed up it’s really blocked out the stank of Bangkok and Siem Reap, so I guess things could be worse for us.

Tomorrow we are going to book our trip to southern Cambodia, drop off laundry, and hopefully get a littler healthier before we have a sunrise trip to Angkor Wat. I am also hoping that tomorrow I can get my other airline problem solved. Our flight back to the U.S. is supposed to arrive at 1005 at LAX. Then we were supposed to leave LAX to BOI at 1200, but United keeps changing the flight to earlier and earlier, and now we are supposed to leave LAX at 1119. I feel fairly confident we can’t get off the plane, go through customs, change terminals, get checked in, and make our flight in a little over an hour. We will see how this all works out! Of course, I can’t find an email for United either and dont’ have an option to call them since I don’t have phone service. Thank god for Twitter. 



Amount of .50 beer drank: 5 total

Tries needed to get money out of the ATM: 5

Amount spent:

  • Room: $20
  • Cambodia visa: $80
  • Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap: $56
  • Tuk Tuk to hotel: $3, but we paid him $5
  • Dinner: 8.39
  • Cold medicine: $14
  • Other expenses: $5

Note: Since we are now really in “travel mode” I am going to be changing this section a little bit to break out what we spent on our lodging, food, site-seeing, etc…We certainly live what we feel is fairly high end when when we are in the third world, but we could go WAY cheaper if we wanted. I saw dorms in hostels for $3 a night.

Beer our hotel “owners” drank: at least 2 cases.

Number of duck feet I know they ate: 1 


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