Packing…It’s just the worst…

I think I speak for almost everyone, or at least almost every chick, when I say packing is just one of the worst and most difficult things to do, or at least do well. OK…it’s not totally the worst because it means the trip is coming up and we will be leaving soon! But like I said, it’s so hard to well.

When we travel we always try to only take only carry-on luggage. For this trip to China and then into Southeast Asia, that means packing for snow and 30 degree temps when we arrive in Beijing and then packing for sweaty Bangkok at the end of our trip, all in one backpacking back pack. No one wants to be rolling a suitcase, or two, through resting water (or worse), uphills, or cobblestone streets. It’s just not going to work!

 And like I said, I think it’s so much harder when you’re a woman. My husband can pack in 30 minutes, whereas it takes me about 3 days. I guess there are a few major differences. First off, he seems to always look fine in what he wears, where I one days will think I look like a hot tamale and the next day realize I was probably drunk when I thought that. Secondly, there are a lot more dress regulations for women than for men when traveling, for example many Wats require women to have their shoulders and knees covered, which eliminates most dresses. And lastly, Shaq will go multiple days wearing the same clothes, including underwear, where I refuse it, if it can be avoided. 

Shaq packing in our bedroom an hour before we left.

I do think I did a pretty good job packing for this trip, thanks to my super cool packing list I made this summer (I think this will cement how super cool I am). It certainly has room for improvement, but it was really helpful to think about what I actually need instead of what I might need. I know different people have different ways of organizing, but this is what is working for me.

My international packing list

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