From Hong Kong With Love

Hong Kong seems to be a super international city. It seems like in our 24 hours we have been here we have seen people of every race. It’s also a very busy city, in a good way. Just walking through the city there is so much to see. Walking is one of the best ways to see a city. It seems like a way to get a feel for how the locals live. 

Last night we had some great dim sum, although we might have had too much. Our WHOLE table was full of food. And of course my chopstick skills still aren’t up to par, so it looked like a toddler had been eating there.

Left to right: pork lotus rice, bbq beef buns, vermicelli wrapped chicken, a Chinese meatball, and Chinese broccoli

Our dim sum was totally appreciated after what was kind of a long afternoon. We look a bullet train from Guilin to Shenzhen. Why we don’t have these trains in the U.S. is beyond me. They are pretty awesome. It was about a 3 hour trip and probably went about 340 miles. Once we got off the train we couldn’t find our driver. On our tour we’ve had really good luck of finding our drivers & the tour company has been great at lining us out in the event that our driver wouldn’t be where we think to look. This time, unfortunately, we didn’t get any info from the tour company. The train station had 4 exits and our driver was at the 4th one we looked at. We walked ALL the way around this massive train station before we found our driver. While we were walking and not finding him, we were thinking should we take a taxi? Or a subway train? Or what do we do? We really didn’t have a clue. Luckily we did find him because it was over an hour driver into Hong Kong, where we had to go through customs.

Now we are here and the city is lovely. Unfortunately we both have colds. I feel like I’ve used almost a full box of Kleenex.

Because of our colds we had a pretty slow start today, but we did get some Starbucks! Then we took off to see some sites. We took the subway to Hong Kong Island (we are on the mainland) and took a cable car up to Victoria peak. From there we did about a 3 miles walk through a little mountaintop park. Once we were back at the bottom of the island we took the Star Ferry across back to the mainland.  We are finally in some warmer weather, so it’s been great day to site see. 


12/1 &12/2

Miles walked: 13ish

Amount spent: $71

Sneezy, snuffily travels: 2

Naps taken: 1


One thought on “From Hong Kong With Love

  1. This is how I love to travel also! Walking around for hours all day from destination point to food spot… also, the food looks delicious! Thanks for sharing, enjoy the rest of your travels 🙂


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