China Tourists

The last couple days we have been being tourists just like the Chinese. In fact, we have been only with Chinese people. 

Yesterday we took a river cruise on the Li River. The cruise was about 4 hours with stunning views! Once we made it to Yangshuo our tour guide took us on a drive to see some farm lands. It seems like the grow just about everything here: sugar cane, cotton, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, peaches, tangerines, rice, and the list goes on. The tangerines are in season and oh so tasty.

Jarrod checking out the fields.

We were then left to our own devices at our hotel. Our hotel is on a very busy walking street full of food and goods vendors. Across the street from is us an ice rink that plays “Let It Go” from frozen all afternoon and night. But we found our new favorite food here. I don’t know what this food is actually called, but they are like dough stuffed with meat, noodles, veggies, or a mix of all, and then deep fried. They are about the size of a small tortilla, but very thick. Holy smokes are they delicious.

Today we rented bikes and rode about 15 miles around the valley, through the farm lands.We laughed because our bikes were extra cheap because we fit the kid sized bikes! I guess sometimes being short has it’s perks. 

Nothing screams “watch out” in China more than a white girl, wearing a helmet, in a bright red coat on a bike!

We rode through a couple villages and many farms. We also hiked to a famous Chinese landmark called Moon Hill. 


Miles biked: about 15

Amount spent: 28.75

Near bike wrecks: at least 20

Actual bike wrecks: 0

Stops left on our tour: 1


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