Big and Fat

The story goes pandas are called pandas because when a French explorer came to China he saw a panda fur in the farmer’s house. He pointed and asked what it was. Since the Chinese farmer didn’t speak French and the Frenchman didn’t speak Chinese it was difficult. The farmer said in Chinese pang, meaning fat, and da, meaning big. The French explorer heard Pan-da. Now we say panda for big and fat!

Time for a panda nap.

Obviously we went to see pandas today. We saw Giant Pandas and Red Pandas. The Giant Pandas have to be the cutest animals in the world! They are just so silly and funny. Speaking of silly and funny our guide took us to see a panda sculpture here in Chengdu at a very highend mall.

The giant, Giant Panda sculpture.

Once we were done with that she took us down an ancient street that had a lot of street food, tea houses, and shopping vendors. We did some pretty awesome eating. We had some rabbit. It was my first time ever eating rabbit. We also had some small stuffed pancakes, tofu that was long and skinny like a lasagna noodle, and some cold noodles. The food here in Chengdu is very tasty and a bit spicier than other areas we’ve been so far. Later tonight our guide suggested we get hot pot for dinner.  Appearently that are 5000 hot pot restaurants in the city. She also suggested we get it with pig brain. I’m not sure how that is all going to work out. Our guide found it very funny that we don’t eat brains of any animals.

In other big news we are finally doing laundry! Currently I am sitting in shorts, a swimsuit cover (because it kind of looks like a tank top), and my raincoat because that they are my warmest, clean options. I cannot explain my excitement about having clean clothes. I think we are on day 8 with the same clothes. And this might be an overshare, but I think I only brought 4 or 5 pairs of underwear. Somehow I made it work, but I am not exactly sure how. 



Miles walked: 14.15

Pharmacies we had go to get contact solution: 2

Amount spent: 86.40


Amount spent: 220.05 (200 for plane tickets to Bangkok)

Travels plans changed: 1

Times my husband forgot I changed my last name & booked the airline ticket in Parker: 1

New foods tried: at least 5


One thought on “Big and Fat

  1. Suzanne Sayer

    Panda adventure is great. Thanks for sharing. Food sounds yummy–except for the brains! 😜 Leaving China early? You’ve been married a year, yet your husband doesn’t know your last name?!?


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