Xi’an First

Hey, do you get the joke? Xi’an is pronounced She-on, like she-on first? Or second? Once again the Sayers are comedic geniuses.

I just took a shower and took off the same clothes I have been wearing straight for 36+ hours, those are the same clothes I have been wearing since we arrived in China, and the same clothes that happen to be every item of warm clothes I packed. Needless to say, we need to do laundry. Things are getting weird around here.

Anywho…We spent most of yesterday walking around Beijing just killing time until we got on our sleeper train to Xi’an. We did a lot of eating, including eating some pigeon, some chicken and  “goat” on a stick. We also went to a very westernized micro-brewery and a dumpling shop.

Pigeon, it tastes just like chicken

Later last night we had to say goodbye to our guide Marco (a name he gave himself) and get on a soft-sleeper train to Xi’an. It was a 12 hour journey, where we were supposed to have 4 people in a little room. Luckily the crabby people in our car paid the train company extra money and got their own cabin. For some reason we were charged by the train company and extra 19 Yuan because those people left…Appearently it was because it’s extra money for us to both sleep on a bottom bunk, rather than a top and bottom bunk.  I am still confused on that one. That is only about $3, so it was worth it. The guy seemed like the kind who might fart in his sleep.

Today we got into Xi’an where we saw the Terracotta Warriors. They were simply amazing. Each warrior was done in great detail. How that was done thousands of years ago is beyond me. 

Terracotta Warriors

We then went to the Muslim Quarter for more food tasting. Our guide got us some soup with rice noodles and wheat noodle bites in a beef broth, a “hamburger” that was sort of like a Pita, but not Pita Bread, filled with pulled beef, and a beef broth and cilantro soup. It was all very tasty. He also warned us not to eat the meat on the stick because often times the vendors reuse the sticks or pick them up off the ground. I didn’t tell Rocky (another self-given name) that bridge is already burned.



Miles walked: 13

Amount of Tangerines we have to eat: 20

Amount spent: $85, including an extra 7 Yuan because Shaq tried to sneak his GoPro into Chairman Mao mausoleum

Number of Australians scared out of our train cabin: 2


Amount spent: $2.60

Dallas Cowboy Victories: 1

Days cut off my life from secondhand smoke on overnigt train: at least 2

Unknown meats: 0

Miles walked: 6.5


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