Self-guided tour

We were totally on our own today. No guide. And guess what, everything went fine. 

We went into the The Temple of Heaven, which seemed to be kind of like a huge open area, kind of like Central Park, but you have to pay to get in. And there are some religious/worship spots. We walked my this long walkway where all the elderly went to play cards. Then we saw a huge group of younger, elderly people do some kind of techno tai-chi. Then another group of people line dancing to what seemed to be very Asian music. We also played a badminton type game (with paddles instead of racquets) with a local woman. I have zero hand eye coordination and the fact I don’t play ping-pong on my 15 minute breaks shows.

Then we took the subway to these tiny streets called hutongs. It looked like it would have been really super cool with a bunch of shops and restaurants, but they were redoing the walkways so most everything was closed. We did find a man cooking meat on stick. You know we ate that. The seasoning was like paprika-ish, but I have no clue what the meat was. I am choosing to say it was goat. After that we walked up about 1 million stairs to the Drum Tower and then the Bell Tower.

After our big day out we had a big Beijing night. We went to an acrobatics show & Peking duck dinner. We haven’t eaten a ton of duck in our life so I can’t say either of us know good duck when we eat it, but this was pretty tasty! It turns out we are total idiots at eating the Peking duck. There is a right and wrong way to eat it. The right way is using a pancake (like a crape) and putting it on your plate, then picking up some duck, dipping it in the soybean paste, spreading it on the pancake, and wrapping it up like a little burrito. All with your chopsticks. The wrong way it turns out, is using your fingers to just eat the duck. Hmm…who knew?

I think we can go home now – Peking duck, Acrobatic show, Great Wall. That’s all there is right?


Amount spent: $180- It was a big day seeing a show and going out to a nice dinner.

Number of times people tried to speak Chinese to Shaq and were perplexed when he didn’t respond: 2

Miles Walked: 12

Times lost on the Subway: 0

Near meltdowns: 1

Number of unknown meats: 1 (although I’m certain it was goat meat)


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