The Wait

Oh my jeeze people! We are currently sitting in a Delta Sky Club lounge watching the Cowboys win, and let me tell you, it’s luxurious. I feel like we really stand out here with our backpacks, and fact this is our first trip into a lounge.

Usually when we fly we go have a couple beers and a burger at a regular airport bar. That is totally fine, but when you have a 4 hour layover, that goes by pretty quick. Through my research this summer regarding travel perks I realized with our Delta Platinum American Express we can get into the Sky Club for $30 each, which is totally, 100%, worth it. 

Here in the Seattle Aiport they have two Sky Clubs. One in the international terminal, and one in the main terminal. The one in the main terminal is brand new. It has a killer food spread that includes clam chowder, Beecher cheese and crackers, a salad bar, mac & cheese with multiple toppings, popcorn, Starbucks coffee, fresh fruit, and free beer, wine, and cocktails. They also have free wifi & showers. Imagine how nice a shower would be after a 12 hour long flight. 

Think about going to an airport bar, where buying 2 beers each and a meal is $50 easily. And if you want to pay for a preminum level beer it’s only $3! But we are drinking  Freemont IPAs for free.

The moral of this story is to check your credit cards and their associated benifits. And if you get a chance to live the high life and go into a lounge do it!


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