Previous Trips

We don’t vacation. Vacationing is flushing toilets, cold drinks, American food, and hot showers. We travel. It’s loud hostels, occasional warm showers, food poisonings, challenges, and once in a lifetime experiences.

Central America

The first trip we took was to Central America, including Central Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize.  This is where we really got to know each other. Where I had to tell this guy I had barely been dating, that the toilet wouldn’t flush…and I was suffering from perhaps some bad food. This is also where I had to kick some nice travelers out of an empty seat on our bus (van) because Shaq was sick and they did not want to sit near him. This was also where we learned we could handle a lot together.


New Zealand

The next year we went to New Zealand. We rented a camper van for 5 weeks. It wasn’t a big camper van. It was a minivan with a bed. It’s a good thing we are small people. And since I might not be the worlds best driver it was decided it would be best if Shaq drove the WHOLE time. And it rained on us nearly every day. 5 weeks in a minivan. Just think about that.


Southeast Asia

Our 3rd trip was to Southeast Asia. We went to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Shaq had been several times before, but it was my first trip. This was where we ate some of the best food EVER and we realized that we travel because we love to eat. This is where we had some very easy living. We did a whole 10 days in Koh Tao. It an awesome beachside bungalow. But we did all that beach time because this was my first time getting sick. And I mean sick sick. I will be eternally grateful for the many times Shaq emptied the trash can in the bathroom. YUCK!

This is also where we got engaged after a very trying day. Needless to say, Southeast Asia holds a very special place in both our hearts.



Last year we did what could be called a vacation, well almost. We got married on the Big Island. I think everyone who has been married, or been part of a wedding, especially a mostly DIY one, you know it is not a vacation. It’s work, and it’s stressful, and it couldn’t be better. We didn’t travel outside the county and once the wedding was over we were on the Gravy Train. In the good way. Life couldn’t have been easier.


Back to Asia

We are packing for our next trip, back to Asia. This time we are going into to China, and then who knows where.


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